I’ve come along way thanks to your coaching, Raion. From feeling like I was spinning in place to knowing where I am going and why I want to be there. From being clueless to being more emotionally intelligent. From feeling I was going crazy to knowing I am growing spiritually. Now I put one foot in front of the other. I know myself better. I know my goals. I work on them daily or at least I try to!” ~~ Linda Flores

“It was really helpful to have someone to talk things out with in regards to where I’ve been and where I’m headed. Having a personal coach can help clarify what you want and need in a career. It’s good to have an objective observer who can point things out to you that you might be too close to see in yourself. Raion never foists anything on you; he checks to see if it’s something that might be [right for you].” ~~ Michelle Timm

“You have achieved changes in me (and I am resistant to change) and a willingness to try that I appreciate. You make it seem possible.” ~~ Carol Laird

“Our calls have helped me to be more responsible toward achieving my goal. It’s very nice and encouraging to have you in my corner. Thanks a lot.” ~~ Ann Lim

“That was some powerful help you gave me, and so light and easy!” ~~ Sylvia Hawley

“I’d like to hire you to just listen to me and endorse me. What a luxury that would be!” ~~ Skip Borst


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