I Love You All


Life has so many lessons for us, so many. Whether i am holding an Empowerment seminar, writing a book, or conducting Coaching sessions with my clients, i am always aware of the many blessings and lessons that Life has brought to me.

This month has found me at a loss. I lost my oldest son to a brain clot. He was 19 years old, had just accepted an internship to a famous Japanese anime studio.

My son, Alex, was the center of my Universe. He was strength. He was humor. He was my best friend. I admired him, his ability to go on YouTube, watch a video one time and be able to master what he watched.

What happened was a tragedy, it broke me, even though i am trained to help others deal with these kind of life events, i couldnt deal with my own.

There is usually a positive that arises out of anything negative, but it depends on whether we choose to see it. I choose to. Out of my loss, i discovered that people from all over the world sent me their love, their support. Yes I have clients from Hong Kong, to Hollywood, to Belgium. But, i also have people who follow this blog, and people who have read my writings, who took a moment out of their lives to send me love,and ask me to not give up. So i wont.

I am here. I am ready to take on clients again. I am ready to teach people how to receive anything out of life that they want. I am ready to Coach, give readings, and resume my role as a blogger, Spiritual Counselor.


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