Soul Mates: They DO Exist


Soul mates
Those SPECIAL People

In over 20 years of working with people I have discovered that there is such a misconception of the word SOUL MATE. We are so tremendously tied into the concept of Soul mates as sexual partners who agree totally with us and walk our path side by side with us in divine perfection and how many of us find that in a lifetime? AND how many of us continue the search and lose out on a great deal of valuable connections?.

Well, read no further if you wish to keep this concept alive in your mind and continue looking only for that DIVINE, perfect, totally absolutely consuming connection with another person.

IF, on the other hand you want to truly understand how VERY lucky and blessed you are and have been for so much of your life, then read, enjoy, take what pleases you and discard the rest. You have had many soul mates on this journey, and they came in many shapes and sizes and this is my humble attempt at putting them into words which make sense to me and hopefully will do the same for you.

MY personal belief is that Soul mates come in a variety of categories and for the sake of being tidy I will attempt to break down what I have experienced and viewed in my lifetime.

SOULMATES are THE SPECIAL PEOPLE in our lives… People who we have shared previous lives with, who we have loved, and helped and strove towards understanding and bonding with. Soul mates are People who when we meet, we feel a connection, a rapport and a sense of familiarity. We feel comfortable with these people and the relationship we share is usually on a POSITIVE LEVEL. While you may experience some friction and a few problems the negativity is easily resolved and, once understood, serves to help both of you to learn identical lessons.  In my opinion I see 4 distinctly different types of soul mates. Each has a unique set of characteristics that makes them unmistakable from those others who come into my life. LET’S begin with the most challenging first and end with the general conception of soul mate…

TEACHER SOULMATES, these folks are usually the most difficult soul mate relationship we have. I believe on the other side these souls agreed to help us learn an uncomfortable lesson, we agreed to work with and experience this lesson for our soul’s growth. These folks volunteered to be the villain or that ROUGH teacher for us. We sometimes have problems understand the connection, or the love, when they challenge us so constantly and we have difficulty achieving rapport with these people. They force us into growth situations and make us often very uncomfortable with where we are so we are forced to change, they rarely stay in our lives forever but are forever remembered as…””??? IF that person had not done ????….. I would not be or be doing … THIS now..……””

COMPANION SOULMATES are people who are going to help us accomplish a goal and are here to assist us with a SPECIAL purpose. Their help is sometimes a chance encounter, a comment made, a smile, a kind word, a connection when you think you cannot go forward another step. They help you in various ways when you need it most. They offer a mutual gift of learning, sharing and help even in a brief encounter.

We meet companion soul mates every day in a variety of situations and circumstances. You recognize them as the stranger or acquaintance who offers you good advice about a problem or just listens when you need to sound off. They are there when your car breaks down, when we need a teacher to learn, Sometimes just when we need a quarter for the telephone, or when we need a smile to brighten our day, or someone to make eye contact so that we know we are being seen.

These soul mates are the ENCOURAGERS who help us to TRY something new or different. Sometimes they come as a boss who appreciates you and these are the people in your life who you feel good about and who assist you in feeling better about yourself.

We have spent a brief time with these folks and there is not usually a SERIOUS bond between you and the present association you have with them now…. I think that in previous lifetimes perhaps we helped these souls and now they are returning the favor. These soul mates rarely are in your life forever but were there when you needed their connection to assist you. I believe that these souls can, if we work towards a more lasting relationship this lifetime become in another lifetime TWIN SOUL MATES:

TWIN SOULMATES are people who have shared a special bond of friendship and love with in many lifetimes. You feel that complete, natural and open energy with them. Meeting a twin soul mate is like running into a good friend you have not seen in years. There is a connection, and comfortable feeling and you almost seem to pick up the relationship right where it left off in a previous lifetime. These folks have the connection with you and a feeling of continuing something comes when you meet.

We recognize a twin soul mate as someone with all the characteristics of a COMPANION soul mate but with a much stronger and more lasting bond between you. Twin soul mates usually are close family members, special friends, and people who understand you completely and do not judge you the same way others do.

There is very often a spiritual and almost psychic connection with this soul mate. Very often we do not even need words to communicate with them because your souls are in tune on telepathic levels and you almost intuitively know their feelings. We look at these people and smile and feel good.

Your life experiences often parallel the life experiences of your twin soul mate. Together you help each other in many different ways to grow and learn and your friendship becomes even stronger this lifetime.

Your present relationship usually lasts from several years to an ent8ire lifetime. IF you part, you do it in a positive way and value the time, energy and the friendship you shared with them. You have many of these people around you and all it requires is to trust, be open to being a friend and this person becomes so much more.

WE OFTEN MARRY THIS soul mate and many of us wonder what is missing because we are sometimes looking for a TWIN FLAME SOULMATE …and do not appreciate the gift we are given with this tremendous connection.

TWIN FLAME SOULMATES are not there each and every lifetime for us. SOME lifetimes we must learn to care for self, be self sufficient and not bond into this strong and passionate WE are ONE energy losing our sense of who we are as an individual. This is the one and only CONNECTED part of yourself soul, it is almost as if you are ½ and this person is the other ½..

BUT, as I Said, this is NOT FOR EVERY lifetime and the downside to this soul mate is usually that one person disappears into the other person as they join lives. This is the one path, one way, one unit energy. Also, Living without this person is very hard if not impossible when one or the other passes over to the other side first.

There is a deep and meaningful spiritual bond that creates a special rapport with this person. A rather electric current of energy flows between you and you know on some level that you have known this person forever and that YOU BELONG with them and you cannot be apart. Your soul recognizes and remembers your twin flame soul mate. There is only THIS one soul which is your perfect counterpart and together there is created a special magic between the two of you. You will not totally experience this with anyone else and this is NOT to be experienced in every lifetime. AND that is as it is intended to be for our soul’s growth.

So the problem with our soul recognizing that there is this type of relationship is that we do not always meet our TWIN FLAME each lifetime. Sometimes we search and search and pass up wonderful relationships that have much growth, learning and joy within that union looking for this merging of spirit.

Please realize that each lifetime carries energy, this energy is your life path and sometimes your path is to assist others, be a healer, teacher, guide, pioneer, leader, warrior, spiritual advisor for others, whatever, and this path must during many lifetimes be done without the twin flame soul mate being there to distract you from your path..

This does not mean we must be without love; on the contrary realize that in every relationship there is a learning, an lesson and the ability to turn this into a new and closer connection between your two souls.

Many of my clients and friends are companion soul mates and a few are twin soul mates. The trick of this is to make each relationship that we are in the best it can be. We must honor, nurture and allow our relationships with others to grown and become the most empowering for both souls that is possible in order to reconnect in other incarnations with these wonderful souls and have even more of them come to us when we need assistance in this lifetime and the next..

Remember that with pain sometimes comes growth, but LOVE should NOT BE PAINFUL MOST OF THE TIME. IF it hurts too much that is a very good indication that this is NOT a soul mate who is here to stay a lifetime with you.

WE have angels and guides and much help here in this incarnation. Remember that you can be a SOULMATE for many people in your life and in doing this; you will attract those others from your past lives to you.

WORK at being a good friend, teacher, neighbor and Human being and you will find the thousands of connections out there waiting for you. AND for those of you, who believe you have found your TWIN FLAME, remember that this is NOT A PAINFUL relationship, but a joyous union as 2 souls join into one to encourage growth and good for the world and each other………. AND all soul mates Are here to help us grow …

This is my personal opinion based on thousands of clients and observing the varieties of friendships, relationships and partnering that people around me experience …and my own experiences. IF it makes some sense to you, great. IF not, then move onwards with your own truth and beliefs. There are many paths and they all should be led with our hearts and by listening to that which resonates and feels RIGHT within ourselves.


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