Giving Into Life Fearlessly


One of the main themes as a Teacher/Speaker on the Law of Attraction and its application into every day life is how to gain abundance, whether in life, money, love, or success. Today I bring one of the important lessons, critical to success when applying the principals of the Law of Attraction: Giving Into Life Fearlessly.

When I recite the ever-effective abundance prayer, the words that fill me with happiness most are these:

From this day forward I give freely and fearlessly into Life and Life gives back to me with magnificent increase.

These words fully resonate with my being because they contain a basic truth – that if you don’t restrain yourself from living to the full, life always provides for you.

How often do we limit ourselves when something unpleasant manifests? For example, you get criticized and so you withdraw your love from the world.

Yet that’s the time when you need to open up the most and neutralize the negative manifestations in your life.

I know it’s against human nature to do so. It’s against the nature of animals also – look how a snail withdraws into its shell when touched. We may not want to hurt it, but the snail doesn’t know it and thus withdraws into safety.

We, however, have the ability to view the world from more perspectives, like from the perspective of the laws of the Universe. One of the laws of the universe says that if you reduce your contribution to the world, you limit the flow of abundance into your life.

Thus for the abundance of health, wealth and happiness to flow to us, we should fearlessly give into life as well as give to the world what we have to offer.

Here are some examples of fearlessly giving into life and giving of ourselves to the world:

*When money supply is running low, provide more value.

*When you feel lonely and unloved, give love to others.

*When your life is falling apart, keep your heart soft and mind open.

*When you feel betrayed, keep your hope in humanity.

*Meditate and share your meditation insights with the world to help others.

*Love people even though they hurt you.

Let’s not fall prey, therefore, to the reflex of withdrawing from the world when someone hurts us or something doesn’t go according to our plans. We can even use this negative incident as a trigger to open up even more and thus allow good things to reach us.

The only reason you should withdraw from the world is when you need time to heal. However, many people get into the habit of withdrawing from the world, and thus even though they fully heal, they refuse to open up. This causes harm to the person doing it, and to the world, because the gifts that person possesses are not shared.

Thus you should be very aware of the healing process and its end, so that you would know when you can open up again to share your gifts and creativity with others.


It’s lonely to withdraw from the world and it’s such a limitation. By withdrawing from the world I mainly mean limiting our contribution to it and not living life fully.

Life provides abundanceNo matter what happens, we should never shut ourselves out from the rest of creation.

Of course, we can take time to heal by turning inwards, but when we feel well again, we should resume sharing our gifts with others.

If we keep being open and thus not limit the inflow of joy and other good things life has to offer, fulfillment and permanent cheerfulness would be our natural state of being.

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